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Welcome to Bosch Industrial Additive Manufacturing, or BIAM for short. Fancy shaping the future of industrial manufacturing with us? Let's go!

Intro video of 3-D printers and possible products on a conveyor belt.

Quite unconventional.

Isn't it? BIAM offers its customers original solutions for industrial manufacturing - based on an innovative business model (including self-developed software technology) with which we aim to merge the advantages of 3D printing with already established manufacturing processes. We are convinced: Manufacturing is far from finished. Time to rethink things.

And what do you have to offer?

They have an answer for everything.

Unlike many others, we already print with conventional, but sustainable, plastic pellets today.

Our in-house developed extrusion process enables printing with plastic pellets with additional fillers.

The number of materials and software features available for our printer is constantly increasing - making trial and error fun!

Instead of selling hardware, we at BIAM prefer to focus on our software and manufacturing expertise.

Thanks to our exceptional business model, we become the enabler of our customers' creative ideas.

What makes BIAM unique?

We believe in our motto: Manufacturing is far from finished. Because we ourselves are also just starting out. Our big goal is to change the nature of industrial manufacturing forever - to make it more intuitive, more flexible, and more sustainable. To do this, we need people who, with us as partners at their side, are ready to dare to try something new; people like you.

Bosch IAM
As a BIAM customer, you are part of the team from the beginning and actively involved in the development. Together we are making our way towards a new way of industrial manufacturing.
Bosch IAM
If you join already in the MVP phase, you will directly benefit from the continuous optimization of our printer and related processes.
Bosch IAM
We take care of everything so you don't have to worry about anything - shipping, service, support, and materials. You get a printer from us that you can start using right away.
Bosch IAM

Download Datasheet

And for those who can't get enough of numbers - here's the official BIAM datasheet to download as a PDF:

I want to see some evidence.

Made in-house: the new Julius Baer Pole Position Trophy for Formula E.

Gladly. The Julius Baer Pole Position Trophy for the current 2022 Formula E season impressively demonstrates that our vision of combining 3D printing and injection molding into a completely new form of manufacturing works and will also be applicable on an industrial scale in the future. The filigree shell of the Trophy was created in the 3D printer, while the filling is solid and made from a single casting. But just take a look at our short documentary "Printed by Bosch: The Story of the Julius Baer Pole Position Trophy"!

Cool squad.

Bosch IAM
All different characters: the BIAM team is bursting with curiosity, passion, and potential.

That's right. At BIAM, the most diverse characters with the most diverse professional backgrounds work together as a team - and benefit from the expertise, creativity, and helpfulness of their colleagues. What unites us all is our shared belief in the power of curiosity and passion. Only in this way can we find original answers to the big questions of the market.

They really do this out of conviction.

And not alone, but always together with our customers. That's why we involve you in our development processes right from the start. That's how we manage to provide you with exactly what you need to successfully implement your ideas. We strive for more innovation and sustainability in industrial manufacturing. We use all our energy, experience, and passion to achieve this.

They really do this out of conviction.

Is there more to it?

Bosch IAM

There's a lot more to it. The ultimate goal is to rethink and successively improve manufacturing. To achieve this goal, we will qualify more and more materials, deepen our know-how, and permanently introduce new, optimized features and processes. Because our unique business model is what makes additive manufacturing truly attractive and competitive.

Let's talk!

Do you have questions about BIAM or would you like to discuss a specific project with us? Write to us!